A harmoninizing blend of supplemental herbs, nutrition, enrichment and exercise are a few of the key ingredients  that are monumental to my approach to healthcare. 


"Gina  took care of my dog, he was

 underweight with constant diarrhea. She was

 able to bring him back to health and figured 

 out he was allergic to chicken and beef. The 

 very things that my Dr. had recommended. She

 used nutrition and homeopathy to help him.

 He is now 10 years old and doing great! 

  I really can't say enough about Gina Vetro and

 her nutritional program and how she puts the

 pieces together to treat the Whole Animal. She

 is amazing at this. "   E. Gallagher, CT. 


"Gina assisted me in moving my horse and dog

  to better health and vitality.  My dog was 16

 when my husband passed away unexpectedly

 and it looked like my dog was going downhill

 fast.  With Gina's guidance, I changed her diet -

 starting cooking her meals. Gina was able to

 check my dog in real-time even though we

 were on opposite coasts of North America.

  My OT Thoroughbred gelding had different

 issues, but we adjusted his nutrition and

 worked on his emotional balance. A major part

 of what was going on with him was deep 

 emotional grief.  
  Bottom line, for me, is that Gina is a great

 partner in assisting one to take better care of

 their animal companions.  Through her, I

 further attuned  my awareness to their needs.

 I highly recommend Gina!"  M. Downs, CA.